Teaching areas: Eighteenth-century literature and culture; poetry and poetics; theories of orality and oral tradition; book history; postcolonial literature and theory, composition.

A list of my courses, with some recent sample syllabi, are included below.

Eighteenth-Century and Romantic courses

The Global Eighteenth Century (Wheaton) Syllabus

The Edges of Empire: Senior Seminar in Eighteenth-Century Literature (Wheaton) Syllabus

British Poetry: 1660-1798 (Wheaton) Syllabus

Speaking Objects, Talking Texts: Voice in the Eighteenth Century (Emory)

The Eighteenth-Century English Novel (Rutgers, Wheaton) Syllabus

Later Eighteenth-Century Literature (Rutgers)

Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature (Wheaton) Syllabus

Romantic Period Literature and Culture (Connecticut College) Syllabus

Voice in the Eighteenth Century (Connecticut College) Syllabus

Early Romanticism (Rutgers)

Other Courses

Literature and Culture of 9/11 (Wheaton) Syllabus

Folk Literature: 1700-2000 (Connecticut College) Syllabus

Introductory Literature and Writing courses

Introduction to Literary Study I: Poetry (Connecticut College)

The Pleasures of the Imagination: Reading and Writing Literature (Connecticut College) Syllabus

Popular Culture (Rutgers)

Race and the Law (Rutgers)

Expository Writing (Rutgers, Wheaton) Syllabus